Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls

by admin on July 13, 2011

Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls


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Do you have a long list of funny pick up lines for girls? Yes, it may have worked for some, but have you ever wondered if it would also work with you?

I am not here to say that funny pick up lines for girls do not work. However, keep in mind that not everyone has the comic flair would make girls laugh or giggle like school girls.



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Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls: Are They Effective?

Here are some effective alternatives to funny pick up lines for girls. In my book, Mack Tactics, I’ve discussed things I’ve learned through my past experiences when it comes to dating women. Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from my book.

Learn How Women Behave

Understand that women are complex in nature. No amount of funny pick up lines for girls will work until you find the time to understand women and how they behave. The first thing that you need to learn is that women want what they can’t have. Women are thrilled and gravitate toward men who have authority, power, control and social value. These are just a few of the things I’ve involved in my Mack Tactics eBook.

Show Social Value

Again, women love men who have authority and social value. So until you’ve established social value, don’t start using all funny pick up lines for girls you know. And here are some the things that you can do to demonstrate social value:

For example, you’re in a bar, say hi to everyone you know and chat with the waiters and bartenders that you know. Also, make sure that the people in your circle is enjoying your company. Women will notice that you’re really sociable and a cool guy to be with. Through which, she won’t freak out when you start talking to her. Know that all women love to be approached by men who are well-liked.

Neutral Openers

Neutral openers do not contain sexual innuendos that’s why it’s better than funny pick up lines for girls. When you say something that pertains to a girl’s interest, it’s easier for you to let them talk. You can create neutral openers through observation. What is she doing at the moment? What is she wearing? Here are some examples of neutral openers:

“You girls look like experts…let me ask you a quick question. How long do you need to be dating a guy before you change the status on your Facebook page from “single” to “in a relationship?” Because my friend Jen has been with a guy for about a month, and his Facebook page still says “single”…and she’s not sure whether she should say something about it.”

Women love to answer questions related to this.

The Neutral Openers

Only use flirt openers when you’re confident with your game. Read an example of a flirt opener:

“Your sense of style is great and I just want to let you know how good you look tonight.”

This only works if you’re confident in your game.

Most of the time, funny pick up lines for girls work only when it’s used by a man who has the naturally ability to make people laugh. To know more about neutral and flirt openers..

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